“By stopping who you think you have to be, you discover who you are!”

“I came to Deborah to become friends with my voice. After a series of lessons, not only did my back improve, but my voice poured out easily and free. I was even able to sing: Gabriella’s song. Now I am “friends with my voice” and can’t stop singing!” Kjersti Kleven, Oslo, Norway

Tension is held energy; it is energy that is blocked, that doesn’t flow. When we allow movement, the held tension releases as enormous energy, that can at first feel strange and then becomes wonderful. 

Good poise isn’t a position. It is the body in Balance. We are a suspension system. The teaching Deborah offers helps one reconnect to this stunning balance.

Deborah travels the world as a performer, writer and truth-seeker. She teaches workshops in the Alexander Technique, freeing the voice, movement and expression. Her work inspires awareness, sensitivity, and courage to be one’s authentic self. 

Pandora Learns to Sing

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This compelling rite-of-passage ‘Pandora Learns to Sing’ delivers insights about love, family life and creativity and what it takes to have a ‘quantum leap’ in perception. Read >>

“Pandora Learns to Sing is a riveting exploration of one woman’s journey through crisis, a physical journey to Buenos Aires and the world of tango and an emotional journey from breakdown to wholeness. I highly recommend it!”
Eric Maisel, The Van Gogh Blues

“A wonderful thing that rarely happens – I couldn’t put this book down once I had started. It reads like an adventure story of discovering the authentic self, and all the perils and triumphs that journey entails. That the journey is also a geograhical one taking place in many different countries and on three continents, makes it all the more entertaining and exotic. A book full of courage and encouragement for all creative people, and for anyone who knows that the spiritual path is never paved as a straight line. A warm, honest and passionate book.”
Athene, Musician and Writer Berlin