By stopping who you think you have to be, you discover who you are!

Deborah travels and connects with people all over the world through her work as performer, writer, dancer and truth-seeker. She teaches workshops in the Alexander Technique, freeing the voice, movement and expression. Her work inspires awareness, sensitivity, and courage to be one’s authentic self. 

Pandora Learns to Sing

“I came to Deborah to become friends with my voice. After a series of lessons, not only did my back improve, but my voice poured out easily and free. I was even able to sing: Gabriella’s song. Now I am “friends with my voice” and can’t stop singing!” Kjersti Kleven, Oslo, Norway

Having recovered from paralyzing perfectionism and debilitating anxiety, Deborah continues to help people around the world have more courage to be who they are. Whether famous or not, we can sing and speak, dance and express with joy and conviction who and what we are in every moment of our lives.

Her recordings Fly, Beneath Your Moon, Right Here, Touch the Sky, For the Feel of the Wind and Briefly Mine are available online, and her memoir, Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon. And her latest book The Sinking of the Leonardo da Vinci will soon be out. Originally from New York City, she currently lives between Greece and Oslo. Her first Musical Island in the Storm will soon be produced in Oslo.