This compelling rite-of-passage ‘Pandora Learns to Sing’ delivers insights about love, family life and creativity and what it takes to have a ‘quantum leap’ in perception.

This true story flings open the scary little box called the self so we may glimpse at the cause (and cure) of anxieties manifested in over-eating, fear of flying, panic at singing or speaking in public and difficult relationships. By shining a light into the deep and the dark, we disclose not only a bountiful source of hope but what it truly means to live as a human being rather than a human doing.

“Pandora Learns to Sing is a riveting exploration of one woman’s journey through crisis, a physical journey to Buenos Aires and the world of tango and an emotional journey from breakdown to wholeness. I highly recommend it!”
Eric Maisel, The Van Gogh Blues

“A wonderful thing that rarely happens – I couldn’t put this book down once I had started. It reads like an adventure story of discovering the authentic self, and all the perils and triumphs that journey entails. That the journey is also a geograhical one taking place in many different countries and on three continents, makes it all the more entertaining and exotic. A book full of courage and encouragement for all creative people, and for anyone who knows that the spiritual path is never paved as a straight line. A warm, honest and passionate book.”
Athene, Musician and Writer Berlin