About Me

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman was born in New York City in 1954. She grew up in a “melting pot” of cultures and already as a child she became curious about the world. This led to a life of travel and exploration.

Before words, Deborah was taught how to read music. She learned how to play the recorder, piano, clarinet, flute and finally the guitar. At a very early age she began to make up songs. At first just for herself, as a way to understand the strange and troubling world around her. As a teenager, after a trip to Mexico, she started writing her songs down and to sing them for others. It seemed that her songs not only helped soothe an ache inside of her but brought comfort and pleasure to others as well.

As a young person Deborah wanted to perform her original songs in public, yet because of severe stage fright she’d lose her breath and voice. This dilemma led to a journey of discovery which brought her to an understanding of how her fears interfered with good and natural breathing and sound production. This understanding, and the help of marvelous teachers, enabled her to have the professional career she aspired to. (see Alexander Technique). During this process, which is ongoing, she has learned to believe in her voice and gift of communication, to not care whether she is or is not the most talented person in the world, and to get out of the way enough to allow true expression to occur.

In her journey toward wholeness, which included education in singing, composing, music therapy, acting and the Alexander Technique, she is able now to breathe more freely, to open her heart and sing and speak with warmth and conviction in front of audiences all over the world. She has at last learned how to “get out of her own way.” She specializes in helping others who suffer from perfectionism and shame-based beliefs so they too can perform their art.

Touring and teaching (and living) with all its dimensions, has provided a deep and continuous source of insight and inspiration that not only feeds her own growth as a person, performer and teacher, but as an artist in the creation of new songs. More recently, it has led her towards the publication of her first book: Pandora Learns to Sing, available on Amazon or contact Deborah directly at deborahjeanne@gmail.com