Pandora Learns to Sing

Pandora Learns to Sing

New book by Deborah Jeanne Weitzman.
Published by Stream of Experience Productions.
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Maybe in the end there is only one story, what we do for love and what happens to us without it. When we desperately yearn to be seen, yet take desperate actions to make sure this never happens. And then one day these actions no longer work and we are thrown into the boiling and terrifying cauldron of life.

For Deborah, it all begins on a trip to Buenos Aires to dance tango and escape the dark cold winter of Norway. A few pills taken to ease the fear of flying bring on, instead of the expected calm, a total breakdown. Stranded in Buenos Aires, forced to stay put and look at her life as never before, Deborah meets Ana, a profoundly insightful therapist, whose no-nonsense yet compassionate approach triggers a vital transformation.

“Why is this happening?” she asks, because she has no idea how to make sense of anything, her skin, her breath, her face, nothing is familiar and it scares her to death. “We carry things,” Ana says, “and we hide behind them.” One day the load becomes too much. The way you’ve learned to live, to survive, will not work anymore. Your inner intention has taken over and begs you to see what is buried within.”

This true story Pandora Learns to Sing flings open the scary little box called the self so we may glimpse at the cause (and cure) of anxieties manifested in over-eating, fear of flying, panic at singing or speaking in public and difficult relationships. By shining a light into the deep and the dark, we disclose not only a bountiful source of hope but what it truly means to live as a human being rather than a human doing.

The book’s leitmotif of change is laced with an entertaining kaleidoscope of stories, a colorful cast of characters and a diverse backdrop of countries.

This compelling rite-of-passage tale delivers insights about love, family life and creativity and what it takes to have a ‘quantum leap’ in perception.

Pandora Learns to Sing: