Join me in waking up

I just spoke with a friend and we talked about the floods in England and how still the government there stays true to its ideology denying what may actually be climate change. (Impossible to prove, but we can pretty much know for sure there will be more and more terrible erratic storms if we do nothing to curb our fossil fuel use.) They continue to refuse to do anything on that subject. God forbid that we bring back the restrictions and regulations that Thatcher and Reagan (and others since) fondly did away with. This friend says the best each of us individually can do is to acknowledge that indeed there is an evil and viciously powerful empire that controls everything, but still carry on living the life that we feel inside us. We must not deny our human-ness – the music we make for example is crucial as music stirs the heart and emotion and takes us away from the head of reason or the panic of fear. In every moment, there is some tiny way to reach out with a hand of warmth and kindness. The small things actually do give voice to the ability and power we each have to affect the air around us and thus to begin to take charge of this very wrong direction.

I just read this article:

and found it brilliant. Then recently watched these two movies: “Heist: Who Stole the American Dream”? and John Pilger: The War You Don’t See (2010) and the dots begin to connect. If we all wake up in time, we won’t have to take drastic measures. Here’s to joining me in waking up!!