Usually accompanied by marvelous musicians, Deborah also enjoys giving solo concerts. In whatever context or venue, the desire is to ignite connection with something more profound than daily living and be a channel of this love, expression, awakening, and humor between herself, the musicians and the audience.

A native New Yorker, Deborah has had the great fortune of traveling the world extensively with her music, and teaching; living in many places – in the US, Central and South America and Europe. This has enhanced her development (at times culturally confusing) but always enriching, giving her a broad and open perspective. These experiences have defined her and given her writing and music a unique texture. Despite the globalization (and seemingly boring-ization) of the world, Deborah’s intent is to rekindle and empower the particular yet universal sense of what it means to be a person. She is without a doubt an old-fashioned romantic and a sailor of the soul.

A keen and serious dancer as well – Argentine Tango, Salsa, Greek, and Flamenco amongst others – it is impossible not to weave in the rhythmic and melodic variations from the world’s stock into her songs.

Since her debut in 1990 at the Freight and Salvage concert hall in Berkeley California she toured extensively through North America, Europe, Argentina and most recently, Israel. (See tour list) She has made six recordings of original songs and one for children (See discography) and is currently preparing for her next recording –– which hopes to encompass socially conscious songs in the vein of Bob Dylan with strains of middle eastern melodies to electronic, neuvo tango sensibilities. Her songwriting has been honored by awards from the American Society of Composers and Artists (ASCAP).