Kate – Belgium:

It was an amazing experience working with Deborah and just the step I needed to go further in my life: To decompress more, to let go more, to show more of me, I discovered my power and will continue now to discover how to be in the world with less effort, yet with pleasure! I learned about how fear is working in our systems and how to manage it to turn it around. All with acceptance and no judgement. Kate, Belgium, 2017

Anne – Wicklow:

Your workshop was transformative…a really wonderful experience that is vibrating with me all the time as I move through everything I’m doing. You have helped me let go for now of performing for the wrong reasons and I feel set free from all the years of family pressure to perform and be amazing and entertain people.

The whole idea of helping myself and making things as easy as possible seems to be at the forefront of everything I’m doing too, and I find myself stretching my body, ESPECIALLY in the place between the armpit and the hips, spontaneously as I go along!You’re such a beautiful, healing soul Deborah. I can’t wait to read your book and I hope our paths cross soon again.” Anne, Wicklow

Tia Vellani – Dingle:

With no idea what to expect, this workshop turned out to be an invitation to come alive, a chance to discover who I am and what I can do when I get out of my own way! I sang, I danced, I cried, all in a way I had thought I could no longer do. With kindness and mischievous humor, Deborah gave us space to share as much or as little as we chose. She listened, encouraged and acknowledged us in a most remarkable way. As the day progressed, I discovered myself freer than I’d been in years. Aches and pains and fears and the accumulated stress of living melted away. Throughout it all, we were fed tiny treasures to help realize the ease of our beings. I came to the workshop feeling insignificant, needy and a wall of negativity. By the end, I felt bountiful, loving, and so powerful the whole large room wasn’t big enough to contain me. Tia Vellani, Ireland

Satu – Kotkaniemi:

Thank you so very much for the workshop! You are really beautiful and I had wonderful time! And I got finally to the crying business yesterday and it’s exactly what I should be doing right now to heal myself. So thank you so much for helping me to get started! Satu Kotkatniemi

Tove – Oslo:

One day I came to the lesson and my neck and back were really tense… After a short time, I felt so much more relaxed and able to breath and when I started to sing, it was amazing the change in such a short time. I came home and told my friend how good I felt! I’ve gone for a massage, for chiropractic treatments and to other singing teachers, now I go just to one person and get it all! And my singing has gotten so much easier.

Kjersti – Oslo:

When I first contacted Deborah for singing lessons, I wrote and asked her if she could help me become “friends” with my voice. She wrote back and told me that that was what she did. At the start of my lessons, I’d been having some trouble with my lower back and was curious to try the Alexander Technique. We’d begin the lesson with some time on the table, then some breathing and awareness exercises and it was remarkable how much better my back started to feel and at the same time how much easier my voice came out of me. Just recently at a lesson I sang Gabriella’s song – a song that I had tried to do the first lesson – and it was incredible how the song poured out of me. I’m getting there, definitely becoming “friends with my voice!”

James – San Francisco:

I am primarily a drummer, but wanted to improve my voice so that I could sing harmony with my band and not feel too stupid. Before, I’d also had some trouble with my breathing. After about ten lessons, I really noticed how much easier it was to breath, especially when I was drumming fast and hard. And it’s so much easier and more fun to sing now, not just the harmony parts!!

Woutera – Nijmegen:

I have had singing and Alexander lessons with Deborah for a long period and it has been so wonderful. I never thought (before) that I could sing so beautifully. She knows how to get the best out of me.

Lene – Oslo:

I loved the lessons I had with Deborah. She has a way of making me believe in my voice because she is very good at telling me about my gift of singing and I believe her when she tells me that she has missed hearing me sing. She really SEES people, and she made me feel unique. The Alexander part of the lesson made me feel myself better. I get to know my inner self, and that I am much more than I often think (and limit) myself to be. The Alexander work can be confusing, because it is hard to feel a difference at first. It takes time to learn that less is more, that when I don’t push or try but direct and commit to the song I actually sing much better. I really like her too; she has been more than a wonderful teacher, for me – she has been like a very good and supportive friend.

Ellen – London:

Deborah’s lessons have in the last six years meant a lot to me. She is an unique teacher; always positive and inspiring. I always look forward to the next lesson with her.

George – New York:

You are a really fine teacher.  Why do I say that? Well, you are a caring, giving and dutiful person…. and, most of all, you are a Mench.